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Welcome to Morephose Pilates Den Haag
Morephose Pilates Den Haag is one of the few studio’s in the Netherlands, where the authentic, classical Romana’s Pilates from True Pilates New York is being taught. This method has proved itself for over 90 years. Since 2012 Veronika is fusing Pilates with the TRX suspension trainer in an unique and methodogical way, called PIRX.

In the cozy atmosphere of the light-filled studio of Morephose, you will learn to cultivate a highly developed body-awareness. This has a very positive effect on your physique, guards you against injury, compensates physical limitations and increases your working capacity. Regardless of your age and physical condition, Pilates will improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination.

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Read what our clients think about us
“It’s a miracle what 1 h training per week with Veronika can achieve. I have less neck and shoulder pain from my long days in the office, and improved my overall energy and posture.I can fully recommend Veronika as a Pilates Instructor, but also as a great coach and teacher of life.”
Samuele K. (Dr. Dipl. Ing. at EPO)
“When I started training with Veronika about a year ago, I played Golf with HCP 23, today I am on  HCP 17! With her background in Golf, she could help me with my core strenght, shoulder flexibility, and rotation  that even my Golf Pro sees the impact of the training with Veronika in such a short time! .”

Jaap R. ( CEO )

“Before training with Veronika, I got used to chronic neck and lower back pain, that sometimes did not leave me sleep without severe pain killers. Her experience in rehabilitation and sensitivity to adapt the lesson to my daily condition, changed my life, and wants  me to recommand her skills and knowledge to everyone that wants to connect and strengthen their body!


Lisa T.  (Europol)