Multiple Services to Fit Your Needs


The Pilates method is a highly effective body workout that strengthens and stretches entire muscle groups simultaneously to create a well-balanced and flexible body. All movements eme nate from the middle of the body and are being supported by it.

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PIRX is a Fusion of Pilates with the TRX Suspension trainer. It can challenge and help any body type to achieve alingnement strength  flexibility and coordination, in short a balanced body.

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The TRX Suspension Trainer was developed by former US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, as he and his fellow SEALS searched for ways to stay in peak physical condition with limited access to training implements and/or space.

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Pilates fore Golfers

This is a specific program designed to improve the Golf game and swing. The build up of the class is constructed in such a way that Golfers can easily take away the exercises back to the Golf course or Driving Range and adjust a routine as a small warm up for any game to play.

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