Meet Veronika


Veronika was born in Munich. At the age of 7, she started studying classical and modern ballett at the Munich Academy of Music. After 12 years of studiing the Vaganova Ballett technique, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Performing Arts and was engaged by the Bavarian State Ballet. After 4 years dancing the biggest “classics”, she was hired as a soloist in the Portugese National Ballett in Lisbon, CNB. in 2000 she gets hired by a multi media called Madgod, which hat had its premiere in Bauhaus, Dessau, to kick off a 6 month world tour.

The next engagement came from the Ballett of Grand Theatre de Geneve, where she lived and worked for 10 years.   After intense international tours through Europe, Asia, North and South America, Veronika suffered a serious accident, which forced her to interrupt her career.

After having practiced already for 15 years many versions of the Pilates method, in this difficult period of life she decided to deepen her knowledge in the method. In 2008 she dove into a two year education of Romana’s Pilates teacher training with Marjory Oron in The Hague  and worked with Romana Krysanowska, Sari Meija Santo, Juanita Lopez, Jane Poerwoatmodjo and Henry Rushing among others. She received her diploma in 2008 from the internationally renowned master teacher Romana Krysanowska (True Pilates New York, Romanaʻs Pilates).

During 2009 and 2013 Veronika obtains a Bachelor in International Communication Management and specializes herself in body posture and non verbal communication at the Hague University.


Since 2009 Veronika is teaching this method in corporate settings such as Europol or ABN Amro Bank and holds her own studio, Morephose Pilates. She is one of the few second generation trainers in this Authentic method, that has over 20 years of Pilates and rehabilitation experience.